Caleb Varoga

Frontend Developer and Multimedia Designer

I'm a lover of web and design, whiskey, good conversation, and the oxford comma.

For the last several years I have worked in and around the internet, and have learned first hand that one of the most exciting pieces of being online is that it is always changing. Learning new methods, implementing new designs, and finding the best way to help the people I'm working with achieve their goals online is my bread and butter.

"I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best." Oscar Wilde

Web Development

My biggest passion is taking thousands of lines of code at a time and turning those words and numbers into beautiful online experiences.

Multimedia Design

Whether it's graphic design, video production, or fully-developed identity creation, I love helping people turn their ideas into visual masterpieces.

Marketing Direction

From copywriting to advertising and direction, I can help you take your existing product and get it in front of the eyes that matter most to you.

The problem with great design is that it's 99% invisible


  • The Kindred Street

    A lifestyle blog built for a couple of ladies based out of Oceanside, CA that had a go-getter mindset and a goal to make the most out of life while leaving the world a better place.

    Stampt by Mobivity

    A standalone site built for Mobivity to explain, highlight, and promote their mobile loyalty application, Stampt, which allows users to store all their loyalty cards inside of one app.


    A pre-launch landing page meant for collecting information that was designed for Dollarball, a company that prints and ships custom-designed golf balls to golfers nationwide.


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